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Aggression and Control

Aggression is a powerful tool. I hear and read a lot about people who apparently transcend to this upper level of self when they are pushing hard in a certain physical endeavour, an upper level of self control.

Three Peaks Rope Climb - Climb a 20ft rope the height of Ben Nevis, Scafell and Snowdon.

I cannot say that I’ve experienced this before, instead I just get angry, there is a part of me that escapes and runs around. Jekyll is released, the inner beast that is only awakened when the body and mind are in exhaustion. Once it's released, he takes over the control panel in my brain and forces the body to function until the job is done.

Whether climbing a 20ft rope over 700 times, running the Gen Coe Skyrace, 16 Marathons or cycling over 3000km. There is a beast that comes out to stretch its legs every now and then. This is aggression, primal instinct, anger and another level of self-control. To contain the beast is easy, you simply stop. To unleash it and get the job done takes a lot of self-control, discipline and drive.

Have you ever felt at the point of perceived exhaustion a feeling brewing inside you that you can do it, that you can see the task through? This is what David Goggins calls the 40% rule, that even at the point of exhaustion, you have only given 40%. I think to achieve the remaining 60%, you need to step outside of the human, let the inner beast out and get the job done.

Its difficult to describe, but once you push past the excuses, you know the ‘oh I might just stop now’ or the ‘I cant be bothered to continue’ you step up to level 2. Usually this is only fuelled by the power of your 'WHY', but there's only so much that can do. There will be a point where you're not running to raise money, or climbing for that person, or cycling for that cause, you are moving to stay alive, you are just thinking about the next movement, nothing else matters.