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The Next Stage: COVID-19 Response

COVID-19 is spreading fear and panic around the world, and now it is the turn of the UK to step up and respond to the situation accordingly.

The situation is affecting us in a number of different ways, some more tragic than others. As such I want to share with you what I intend to do to help as many people as possible in my mission to spread a positive and a healthy mindset to those who are going through hardship.

Financial hardship will be hitting a lot of us around the country, I have lost clients, future seminars and talks; big events for which I have been training for over the last 8 months are being delayed. But this is the way it is, everyone is in the same boat.

With the reduction in pay, with the lack of savings and with growing anxiety over government assistance, I want to share positivity.

Going forward, in this current situation I will be upping the positive content to you, my loyal followers and subscribers, I want to share with you stories of adventures and the importance of continuing to pursue your dreams and goals. I will be here to answer ALL of your questions and help you in planning your next goal. I will be sharing evidence based nutrition and health tips for you to implement during isolation (and making you aware of the criminal cons that have spawned).

Now is the time to keep our heads above water, to keep healthy and active, to keep in touch with our families and friends, and above all, KEEP GOING.

I will NOT be sending you emails and blogs about the COVID-19 updates, rumours or latest best things, because I am not qualified to give out the relevant medical advice and there is enough of this portrayed through the NHS, government channels (not bloody social media!) and official scientific research.

So, I commit to you the following actions:

1. Helpful contact, positive stories and productive measures that you can implement to plan and prepare for your next big adventure, your next fitness goal or the next project in the great outdoors.

2. I will continue the evidence based nutrition to you through emails, blogs and videos. The next series of nutrition seminars that were cancelled, I will be giving for free over live social media channels. These will also be recorded and posted after, but the live streams will allow for live questions.

3. I will be sharing my training tips for those house bound, conditioning that you can do at home or in the garden and methods if you feel you need to or want to. Unless you are isolated for a prolonged period of time, if you eat healthily, maybe a short break isn't a bad idea?

Remember, now more than ever, health (remember the three pillars? It's not just movement and eating) is of paramount importance in building resilience and conditioning, so that when we come out the other side, we can build, adapt and progress further.

4. I have several challenges planned up here in the Highlands to maintain progress to future goals. Want to share these stories with you, take you on the journey and share the practices, training, experiences and lessons. I understand that there are those who might not have the freedom to get outside easily, so let me share my experiences with you. If nothing else, there will be some great pictures of mountains!

5. ALL content on my website, on the paid platform and extra seminars will be free for AT LEAST the next three months until we gain clarity on the situation going forward. We are all in this together and the help should be given at any level possible. I have suspended the paid site until I have made all alterations necessary, this will be opened again from next week.

So, with all of this in mind, I want to be a positive feed in the times of what can seem like a constant barrage of negative news.

I hope this works for you, if it doesn't, please let me know and reach out to me directly through any link on my social media or any ink on this website.

Stay safe, stay informed.